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MyBookRang in 4 questions

Initially Mybookrang is a novel. It's the story of a woman who has the idea to ​​ buy a simple not book, to write a message on it and to leave it an airport on the table of a bar. This notebook will then travel across the world according to his successive drop to enrich human testimonies and become an universal collective book.

We thought it would be interesting to make this idea real with authentic and real persons. We have therefore created a system to give the possibility to create his own Mybookrang and follow its travel around the world via our website.

Mybookrang has two main objectives : The first is given the possibility to network and exchange ideas across borders . The second is to put participatory books online, inspired by our ethnic and cultural differences.

Mybookrang is like a "bottle in the sea" in which we can slide our comment, a self- trace, and traveling through it by following his steps on the site with its ID number. All those who find and leave personal messages in turn manage somehow to give it life.

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